WPL Wet Bike Chain Lube Review

L Wet Bike Chain Lube Review
L Wet Bike Chain Lube Review

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Non-sticky, long lasting chain lube that doesn’t attract to much dirt

WPL Wet Chain Lube is a non-stick chain lubricant that reduces the build-up of black deposits on your gears and is also inexpensive. For now, we just wish it was a little more widely available, although you can buy it from suspension specialist TF Tuned. 

Whistler Performance Lubricants Wet Chain Lube, its full name, is a Canadian made chain lubricant intended for wet and “moderate” conditions. I have used it in late fall and winter in all wet conditions. It turned out to be a good quality lubricant that meets all the requirements for environmental quality and biodegradability. 

The lubricant says it’s made from all-natural ingredients that are 100% biodegradable. It is non-toxic and PTFE-free (i.e. Teflon-free). The lubricant also features the brand’s “EmulsifiteTM Technology”, which WPL claims provides dynamic cleaning and prevents black stain build-up. This technology involves fine-tuning the lubricating components to resist water from puddles and rain, but when the chain is cleaned with a high-pressure hose, certain lubricating components are activated to disperse. mud and dirt. 

It sounds like lubricant is really “scientific”, but I guess all you want to know is “is it durable?” and “Is there a build-up of too much slime on the chain?”. The answer is yes, yes and no, no, respectively! The lubricant, when applied to a clean chain, continued to work well throughout my filthy winter rides lasting 1 to 4 hours in all conditions. There is also a noticeable accumulation of dirt on the chain. However, it’s been very dirty on my way lately. I found it important to properly clean the bike after every ride, including cleaning the chain and cassette. Although the amount of deposits has decreased, you may still need to clean the transmission after a really dirty trip, using only the spray nozzle often does not bring the desired effect. 

The lubricant is simply applied through a twist-open spout, it has just the right viscosity so it falls out of the bottle rather than spilling out, meaning you have good control when it comes to the links. It also doesn’t create a sticky, sticky mess between the leash and the leash when you remove the leash, bonus. Wipe off excess lubricant quickly and you’re ready to go.


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