What Do Koi Fish Symbolize


Before answering the question ‘what do koi fish symbolize?’ it is appropriate to start with a little background information.

Koi fish are one of the most beautiful species of fish one can have as a pet. Amongst other things, Koi carp fish are not very demanding by nature. They are easy to keep but can be quite pricey. Since Koi fish have become popular throughout the world now, people have taken to breeding them commercially. It is said that a single Koi fish of good lineage can cost thousands of dollars.

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Steep prices don’t seem to matter to collectors of Koi. The Japanese and the Chinese value the Koi fish a lot because they believe it brings luck and positive energy into their homes. There seems to be a growing interest in the western world for this particular variety of fish as well. A large number of people keep Koi simply because they want to decorate their homes and others do so because they believe that Koi can be good for them and their families.

An interesting thing to note about the Koi is that the symbolism that goes along with it is mainly based on the outward behavioral qualities of the fish itself. When observed in a pond, Koi tend to be very active and inquisitive. They are always moving around inside the pond and apparently searching through the silt at the base of the pond disturbing it constantly. Therefore when building a Koi pond it is a good idea to keep plants behind a net or firmly rooted otherwise the Koi is sure to uproot them. Due to this behavior of the Koi it symbolizes masculinity and power.

One of the very important symbols Koi carp fish stand for is nonconformity. According to a very old legend the Koi is known to swim bravely upstream, surpass hurdles and evolve into a dragon. According to this legend the Koi encounter a big waterfall known as the Dragon Gate on the Yellow River and out of all the fish that try to pass through it, only the Koi has the strength to surpass it and emerge victorious. Because Koi fish are daring enough to swim in the opposite direction of the strong flow of water they represent a willingness to flout norms and display independence. It goes to show that Koi fish are independent minded creatures and will do what they want to irrespective of the risk involved. This behavioral attribute of the Koi is synonymous with strong willed individuals who in order to achieve their targets in life will take on challenges with ease and suffer adversity to gain their purpose.

Koi fish are stunning creatures to look at as they grow big in size and sport a variety of brilliant hues. Koi fish are not clumsy by nature. Even when they grow large they are seen gliding effortlessly through water with a grace that very few fish display. Due to their appearances and the ease with which they move they symbolize beauty and refinement. It is also said that when Koi are removed from water, unlike most other fish they barely struggle and fight. Because of this characteristic of the Koi they are said to symbolize bravery and valor.

For most collectors, the symbolic significance of Koi hardly makes a difference because their beauty is very overpowering. There has been a sudden surge of interest in Koi fish ponds off late as a lot of people have grown rather fascinated by this beautiful variety of marine life. So much so that people get Koi fish tattoos, they paint their patterns on canvas and print their exquisite forms on cloth.

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