WD40 Bike chain Dry Lube Review

WD40 Bike Dry Lube Review
A quality dry weather chain lubrication that lasts multiple rides.

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The WD40 Dry Bike Lube is easy to use

WD40 Bike Dry Lube Review

The WD40 Dry Bike Lube is easy to use, works well to keep chains running smoothly without clogging them with dust and grit, and can even withstand puddles or downpours. It also doesn’t build up over time like wax-based lubricants do. However, the nozzle can be a bit overzealous and there are cheaper options available. 

The name Dry is described for the actual weather conditions of use and the type of lubricant. The lubricant leaves a dry film on the clean chain, preventing it from attracting dust and dry debris on the trail like wet lubricants do. It’s for chains and around mechs, but preferably just on chains.

Application is simple and dries in minutes. I find the screw cap easy to use but it’s best to just break the nozzle a little bit, otherwise the oil can flow out. Then you will use more than you intended.

On the trails, it makes shifting smooth and the chain feels as quick as when using my regular lubricant of choice. It also holds up several dusty days in a row without reapplying and doesn’t pick up large amounts of residue either.

The lubricant is compliant with the US 50 VOC states, which means it contains very low volatile organic compounds that can evaporate as vapors, but because it comes in a bottle, not an aerosol, you will probably expect it.

Luckily for those of us not in California, dry weather lubricants can also handle a bit of wet weather, though long soaks and gritty water will wash off fairly quickly. Just over $5 for 100ml, it’s fair value – just be careful when applying it. 


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