Water flow on tropical fish tanks

I ran the water flow test all last night, I imagined all the water gone it gave me a sleepless night.But it all turned out ok so today I can add in the new system permenantly  that will help the filters become more established.

Another job to do today is to put pebbles and grit into the tanks, because the tanks will be overstocked it will give a greatly increased medium for the bacteria to do its job and it will help with the overall conditioning of the fish.

Because we will not be operating like a traditional shop where fish may only stay in the tanks for a day or so but rather months, we are doing this so that we can get the best out of them is size colour an improve their overall condition.

Somewhere in the system we will have plants in water tubs these will be for sale but the priority will be to further help with water quality, they will end up being breading tubs for small fish.