The Benefits of Reflexology Massage?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is reflexology.jpegOne of the most well-researched benefits to reflexology massage is better circulation, according to the University of Minnesota. Improved circulation results in more oxygen reaching vital organ systems and improving their functioning and increasing metabolism. Enhanced circulation also results in faster regeneration of damaged cells and quicker healing.

As reflexology opens neural pathways, a more relaxed state in the body is achieved, explains the University of Minnesota. While it induces a state of calmness throughout a person’s body, it can also be used to help with sleep disorders. Bladder functioning and urinary tract issues improve with reflexology, as a more efficient system eliminates toxins and other foreign substances quicker.

A person’s brain is able to handle input more effectively, which improves memory and physical reaction speed and boosts cognitive ability, when the neural pathways open, states the University of Minnesota. releasing tension in the areas of the body that cause headaches and migraines, reflexology is used as an analgesic treatment. It also reduces stress and psychological aspects that build up to such headaches, thereby decreasing the onset of the migraines.