How To Look After Tamasaba or Sabao Goldfish

How To Look After Tamasaba or Sabao Goldfish
How To Look After Tamasaba or Sabao Goldfish

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The Tamasaba or Sabao is an uncommon Japanese variety of goldfish with a body shaped similar to the Ryukin or a Fantail and a very long, flowing, single tail that is similar to that of a mackerel, hence its other name, Mackerel Tail. This attractive and strong goldfish variety makes a very suitable pond fish and aquarium fish, and comes in solid red and deep red and white colors. It withstands the cold very well. The Tamasaba originated from the Yamagata Prefecture in northern Japan, hence it is also known as Yamagata Kingyo or Yamagata Goldfish.



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  1. Affinz says:

    Can Tamasaba live in deep water.
    What food is good for Tamasaba.

    • suterekin says:

      Hailing from the Niigata Prefecture, Japan, Tamasaba share their home with the Japanese Koi Carp industry and the late great Takashi Amano. They are kept and bred by the Koi breeders themselves, on the same premises, and just like with their koi, the name and bloodline of the breeder goes a long way. I’d like to think it’s those same skilled eyes and hands that selected the world’s finest koi have also then selected their own Tamasaba. They live in the same water, are fed the same food and are even put out into mud ponds for conditioning. You’d pay four or five figures for Koi from those breeders but these cheeky little goldies get much of it for free.

  2. labed says:

    outstanding site

  3. Sam says:

    A thumbs up from me

  4. suterekin says:

    what a great looking goldfish wish i could find one for my collection.