Tibee Shrimp

Tibee Shrimp

Taibee shrimp are a cross between Taiwan Bee Shrimp and Tiger shrimp or a cross between Tiger shrimp and Crystal shrimp. Crossing Taiwan Bee shrimp and tiger shrimp is mainly done to produce stronger Taiwan Bee shrimp or to increase the population if you do not have enough Taiwan Bees.

Taibee shrimp that are Tiger x Taiwan are normally crossed back to another Taiwan Bee shrimp for the second generation, as this will produce more Taiwan Bees. In addition, these Taiwan Bee shrimp will be hardier due to the Tiger shrimp genetics.

A cross between a Tiger shrimp and Crystal shrimp can result in “Fancy Tigers”, which are shrimp that have the bold, opaque coloration of Crystal Red or Crystal Black shrimp, but in the mottled and striped pattern of a Tiger shrimp.

Taitibee Shrimp

A Taitibee is a Tibee, nearly always the Tiger x Taiwan Bee, crossed back with another Taiwan Bee shrimp. They are not true Taiwan Bees due to the Tiger shrimp genetics, and they cannot be sold as such, as later generations can result in abnormal coloration or patterns. The pinto shrimp is one of the most famous Taitibee Shrimp.

from – BYA

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