Squirt Bike Chain Lubricant Review

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Squirt Lube is a 100% biodegradable wax and water emulsion

Squirt Lube is a 100% biodegradable wax and water emulsion that dries on the chain and forms a “long-lasting lubricant”. It can be used for wet or dry riding and assuming you follow the instructions it should work and last. 

Squirt claims it has cleaning properties by repelling dirt and debris, and doesn’t need to be removed like traditional lubricants because they accumulate a lot of dirt and mud. They mention that it needs to be applied to a completely clean string to work most efficiently. And just to be sure, I just had to touch it to see how it worked. it doesn’t work well with other leftover old lubricants and doesn’t seem to bond to the chain or significantly reduce drag on the drive chain.

So after cleaning the chain with an open bath, then removing it and degreasing it completely, I put it back in place. I’ve used lubricant – with one big difference, once it’s turned on it really does a great job fighting off the build-up over time and if you rinse and reapply it continues. works well. Sure, with real clay-heavy mud it works eventually, but nothing will stick when soaked or soaked in mud for long periods of time. 


Up to 40%

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