Some common types of fancy goldfish

Fancy goldfish are some of the most popular choices for aquariums. This could be because of the large variety of fancy goldfish. It is easy for most people to find one or more types that they really like to watch. Another reason for the popularity of fancy goldfish is the fact that they are considered to be a cold water fish so the added expense of an aquarium heater is not required.

If you are considering a fancy goldfish for your aquarium, here are some of the more common types available:

    • Veiltail: As the name implies this fancy goldfish is known for its tail. The tail fin can grow to be several times the length of the goldfish’s body. It moves easily in any water or air current in your aquarium making it one of the most mesmerizing fish to watch as it swims.
        • Ranchu: The Ranchu is one of the best known of the dorsal less fancy goldfish. The lack of the dorsal fin can create difficulties for these fish. It can impair their ability to swim in a normal manner. This makes it important that the Ranchu be kept in an aquarium only with other goldfish that do not have dorsal fins. They can easily starve to death if they are in an aquarium with faster moving fish.

Telescope: Telescope goldfish are noted for the unusual eyes. While they come in a range of colors like most other goldfish, their eyes are the defining characteristic of this fish. Just as a telescope retracts into slightly larger tubes when closed, the eyes of this fish appear to be set on a series of circles that are slightly larger at the bottom and grow smaller as they approach the eye itself.

Pearlscale: Pearlscale goldfish are best known for the rounded scales that are often a pearlescent finish. It appears that the scales are bumped up almost like half a pearl stuck onto the side of the fish. This species has the most rounded body of any of the fancy goldfish.

      1. Oranda: The Oranda is known for the head growth that is an obvious characteristic. However, there are variations within this breed that appeal to many people. The body style is one of the variations. Oranda can have an almost egg shaped body or a more streamlined body which is reminiscent of the single tailed goldfish.

This is only a small sampling of the variety of fancy goldfish that can be found. There are actually at least 18 different species of these fish. Considering this fact, it is not surprising that it is easy for a wide variety of people to find a type that they personally favor. Goldfish are also popular choices because they are not an aggressive fish. However, because many of the fancy goldfish varieties are slow moving it is necessary to use some care when adding them to an aquarium containing other breeds of fish. It is easy for them to starve, even with increased feedings due to quicker moving fish reaching the food first.

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