Category: Snails


Ramshorn snail-Planorbis Rubrum

The Ramshorn snail is very popular in the aquarium trade and like most other snails it is easily transferred into aquariums when buying live plants. There are different varieties of these snails available in...


Assassin snail-Clea Helena

The Assassin Snail is one of the most popular snails in the hobby. Highly sought after for it’s unique behaviour of feeding on other snails, which are seen as pests. For that reason it...


Golden Apple Snail-Pomacea Bridgesii

The Gold Apple Snail is perhaps not as readily available as some of the other snail species available in the hobby; however, this is still an attractive variety with a golden shell and a slightly...


Pond Snail-Lymnaea Stagnalis

 The Pond Snail is a common species in Europe and is easy to find. In fact if you have a garden pond set up chances are pond snails will be found in it and...

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