Restocking making way for a new tank with plant filter

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Allowing the top to do its own thing ment the it became overgrown with hornwhert.

Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum), also known as Coontail, is a fast growing, aquatic flowering plant. It is commonly found in marshes, streams and lakes in North American and has been naturalized in parts of Europe.

I do fear that this take away much needed filtration in the cafe pond, so with that in mind i have decided to turn an odd piece of garden into a new pond with a seperate area for the hornwort. The new pond will give an additional 600 gallons and have a depth of around 70cm with a stone bottom,having watched the koi in the other tanks , I have noticed that in the early evening they feed on the bottom moving stones, this movement dislodges the sediment and helps keep the pond floor clean it only lasts for about an hour.

The hornwort was a great addition, it helped to create crystal clear water.

The drum filters for the cafe pond can be used for filtration and can be moved moved easily.

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