Puntius semifasciolatus (golden barb)

The Golden Barb is a hardy and popular aquarium fish, almost always present in aquarium shops. Its bright colour and peaceful nature make it ideal for most community aquariums. The body of these fish may be either all gold or more commonly, with a variable degree of black speckling along the centre. The golden colour is a captive bred variety as the natural form is more silver with red fins and distinct vertical markings. Should be kept in aquariums with hiding places amongst plants and other active peaceful fish. The Golden barb is an excellent hardy aquarium fish that can also be kept in unheated aquariums.

Cyprinidae (Carps & Minnows)
Synonyms: Barbus semifasciolatus, B. aureus, B. hainani, B. schuberti, Capoeta semifasciolata
Other names: Gold Barb, Chinese Barb, Green Barb, Half-striped Barb, Schubert’s Barb

OriginAsia; Red River basin:

Breeding: Open water egg scatterers, spawns during early dawn. Fry hatch after 30-36 hours:

Sexing: Males are slender and may be brighter. Females are rounder.

Behaviour: Active, peaceful
Typical size: 6cm
Max size: 10cm
Tank Area: Middle, bottom
Min Tank Size: 50cm
Min Number: 3
Temp Min: 18℃ Max: 24℃
Feeding: Flake, frozen, live foods
pH Range: 6-8
Hardness: s,m,h