Pearlscale Goldfish

The pearlscale goldfish with its spherical body shape and dome like scales containing calcium carbonate, looks like a golf ball. The calcium carbonate in the scales creates a pattern of little pearl colored domes pushing through the skin of these goldfish types. It’s what one might imagine a goldfish would look like if it swallowed a golf ball whole. The small pointed head containing a little mouth is not flashy and only makes the body of the pearlscale goldfish stand out even more as the most noticeable feature.The single dorsal fin stands erect, start at the middle of the back and extends all the way to the caudal peduncle. All other fins are paired with rounded ends. The sturdy caudal fins of the pearlscale goldfish should be divided and the lobes mildly forked. As the goldfish swims, the upper lobes on the caudal fins should sit high and not drop down.The paerlscale goldfish comes in a range of colors including: metallic self-colored and variegated (a solid color or two distinct colors); calico which should be strong and balanced. This hardy bred can live in an outdoor goldfish pond but are best suited for aquariums where their unique features can really be put on display.

By: Tim Winter