Peacock Goby Tateurndina ocellicauda

Peacock goby

Peacock Gobies are one of the most colourful small fishes available for freshwater aquariums. Unlike many other goby species, these fish will swim at all levels and are an ideal addition to a peaceful community. To get the best out of these fish they must be kept in suitable surroundings with plenty of areas to explore and investigate. If kept in sparse tanks with active or larger fish, the gobys may be shy and timid but when kept in well planted or decored aquaria they are inquisitive and bold. Peacock Gobies are generally very peaceful fish, although during spawning they will defend eggs and males can harass females – this is not normally a problem when the aquarium has plenty of hiding areas.

Although often reported as tricky to feed, again with the right surroundings they should feed without problems. In the wild they feed on insects and the addition of small live or frozen foods is recommended. The fish will adapt to wider water conditions but will do best in soft-medium hard water. To keep these fish in top condition, good water quality is essential. A great little fish for a community of peaceful species and planted aquariums.

Peacock Goby Facts

Behaviour : Peaceful, slow moving, inquisitive 
Typical size : 6cm 
Max size : 7cm 
Tank Area : All 
Min Tank Size : 45cm 
Temp Min : 22℃ Max : 27℃ 
Feeding : Small live and frozen foods, established fish will take flake. 
pH Range : 6-7.5 
Hardness : vs,s,m

Family Eleotridae (Sleeper Gobies) | Other names Peacock Gudgeon, One-eyed Sleeper Goby | Origin Papua New Guinea | Breeding cave spawners, can be bred relatively easily | Natural Water Conditions pH 7, soft | Natural Habitat Vegetated streams, small rivers, pools | Sexing Males have a more rounded head, females have a black edge to the anal fin.[su_divider size=”1″]