Parrot Fish / Cichlid (No scientific name)

Parrot fish

The Parrot Fish is not a natural fish but is a man made cross between several cichlid species, a practice that presents many ethical concerns. The Parrot Fish exhibits a number of deformities including a bent spine, miss-shaped and small mouth, and organ deformities such as a malformed swim bladder. These deformities give the fish difficulties in feeding and swimming.

Because the Parrot Cichlid has varying degrees of deformity and genetics, its behavior is unpredictable. As this fish should not be sold, or kept, in aquariums, it is not included in the compatibility checker below.

The history of the production of the parrotfish is vague although it is safe to assume that the practice of crossing fish species produces a number of deformed fish, of which most would be culled. It is the opinion of Think Fish that the practice of producing fish such as the Parrot Fish is unethical, cruel and has no place in modern fish keeping.

If you see these fish for sale we urge you to print this page and show it to the offending shop, and take your custom elsewhere if they continue to stock these fish. Do not support this activity by purchasing these fish; there is a vast number of natural fish species to choose from and no need for human interference of this kind. If you already have Parrot Fish, they should be cared for in the best possible way, as you would any other fish.

Behaviour : Variable, individuals may be peaceful or highly aggressive 
Typical size : 20cm 
Max size : 20cm 
Min Tank Size : 120cm 
Temp Min  : 22℃ Max :26℃

This fish is excluded from the Compatibility Checker as it is unsuitable for community aquariums or may require expert care.

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