Building outside pebble shower floor by the pool

Outdoor shower area
benching surrounds to cover existing drains will
make an ok sitting area in shower

Another small job nearly done. I’ve been looking at this for some time always putting it off, been on it for a couple of days now only spending 2-3 hours at a time the sun gets to hot for me so an early start is essential.

There is a bit of a knack to it but once mastered its quick and easy, the trick is don’t be to fussey.

Been on the tiling for a couple of days I keep getting rained off, I had a few tiles left over from the pool surround they will give a good look.

The finishing touch will be to have a few plants to soften the whole thing,and if you are wondering there will be a screen surround.

Starting to look good, matching the pool gives it a professional feel. Next I’ll have to start thinking about making a wooden screen with maybee saloon type doors.