NFS Ceramic Chain Lube Review The Pro Teams Choice

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Ceramic lubricants are a new addition to the lubricant market. They claim superior performance but much higher prices.

Wet and dry ceramic lubricants are available. They are said to contain small ceramic particles that reduce friction more than the synthetic oils found in standard lubricants.

The higher price of ceramic lubricants can be overlooked due to reduced friction and increased efficiency which increases transmission life. Increased durability reduces long-term costs due to less chain damage.

Why Use Ceramic Chain Lube

It is said that If you’re racing and every watt counts, a ceramic lubricant may be the best choice. Ultimately, touring cyclists may benefit the most from ceramic lubricants, as they last longer than conventional wet lubricants, only reapplying every 175 miles, compared to 100 miles for the latter.

A Scientific Review of NFS

IT all depends on the style of riding you do. The average rider would probably not notice the additional efficacy of the ceramic coating but might enjoy the longer lifespan of their chain. If you are racing and every watt of power matters, ceramic lube may be the best choice

This wet-style full synthetic lubricant builds a ceramic coating on frictional surfaces resulting in increased smoothness, longer intervals, and a chain that runs so quiet, you will notice the difference. Ceramic Wet’s extreme durability holds up even in wet weather conditions.

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