Nemachilus scaturigina

Scientific name

Shistura scaturigina(McClelland, 1839)

Common name

Victory Loach


Cobitis scaturigina, Nemachilus scaturigina, Cobitis subfusca, Nemachilus subfuscus, Nemacheilus scaturigina, Noemacheilus scaturigina, Schistura zonata, Nemacheilus zonatus, Noemacheilus zonatus, Nemachilus zonatus, Nemachilus mugah, Nemacheilus mugah, Nemacheilus schebbeuri, Noemacheilus shebbearei, Nemachilus shebbearei


Darjeeling and Assam in Eastern Himalayas, India, Nepal, Bhutan

Sexual Dimorphism

None known. Females probably plumper.

Maximum size

2.5 inches (6 -7cm)

Similar to

Other Schistura species


Typical Schistura species. The aquarium should have a good flow rate and be well-oxygenated. Provide piles of large pebbles or slate to create hiding places. The rest of the aquarium base should have smooth rounded pebbles and sand or fine grained gravel with reasonably bright lighting. Please see Hillstream Loaches: Specialists at Life in the Fast Lane for a more detailed explanation.


Most foods accepted. Commercial sinking formulations and bottom-dwelling live-foods. Frozen foods such as Bloodworm/Brine shrimp.

Water parameters

pH: 6.0-7.5 Hardness: Soft-medium Max dh: 12


68ºF to 77 ºF (18-25°C)


Not bred in aquarium.

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