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The designs of men's and women's shorts and tops are different. Women have flared waists at the hips to create a more natural, flattering silhouette. Men have a square figure, often with a slightly slim waist. As with all clothing, you'll want to find the best fit by trying it on.

Cycling offers many important benefits to women, whether they use bicycles as a means of transportation or participate in different variations of the sport. From electric mountain bikes to urban folding bikes, family rides or long mountain routes, there are plenty of ways to get on a bike and enjoy the experience at your own pace.

But first you need to know your body, your strengths and weaknesses to decide how you will use the bike and set achievable short-term goals. Don’t set unattainable goals for yourself, because you will only feel disappointed. Just enjoy each trip and you will go somewhere you never thought you could go. Along the way, you’ll see the benefits of cycling for your health, body, mind and life. Just quoting a few: