Mono (Monodactylus argenteus)


The Mono is a relatively peaceful shoaling fish that will mix well with other large, robust fishes. Brackish water is essential and Mono’s should not be kept in purely freshwater, except when young. Keep in shoals of at least four; in small numbers bullying can occur. A large tank is required to keep these fish with plenty of open swimming space and a few hiding spots, ideally amongst large roots. The stripes are only present on young fish and will disappear with age. A number of closely related species of mono are available.

Behaviour : Active, peaceful, shoaling 
Typical size : 20cm 
Max size : 25cm 
Tank Area : All 
Min Tank Size : 150cm 
Min Number in Tank : 4 
Temp Min : 24℃ Max : 28℃ 
Feeding : Flake, frozen, live, vegetable foods 
pH Range : 7.5-8.5 
Hardness : m,h,vh

Monos will need to be transitioned into full saltwater as they mature.
This fish is excluded from the Compatibility Checker as it is unsuitable for community aquariums or may require expert care.

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