Lionchu Goldfish

The Lionchu Goldfish is a cross breed between the Ranchu goldfish and the Lionhead goldfish. Their type is Twin Tail goldfish. An adult can grow to about 6″ (inches), and they live between 7 and 10 years or more. Ideal water temperature that is kept between 65 and 78 degrees, they can live in cool water. Thailand is the country of their Origin. The Lionchu goldfish of today has a dorsal fin. The older version of the Lionchu goldfish do not have the dorsal fin.
The Lionchu goldfish is very social and a community fish. Lionchu goldfish are omnivorous, that means that they eat both live food and vegetative. Ranchu goldfish have a broad back, curving back, and tail placement thats what the Lionchu get from that goldfish and the Lionhead gives it the large head growth. The number of Lionchu goldfish being entered in competition has gone way up.
The AGA and GFSA have not officially recognized the Lionchu goldfish as its own breed. The most common colors are Yellow, orange, white-and-red, and other bi-colored Lionchu goldfish.
The Lionchu goldfish is not one of the fastest fish, so that it can get its fair portion of food, good tank mates with equal swimming skills are important. The Black Moor, Oranda, Fantail, or Ryukin goldfish are good tank mates. Do not mix with other fast goldfish.