How To Take Care Jikin Goldfish

How To Take Care Jikin Goldfish
How To Take Care Jikin Goldfish

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The jikin goldfishjikin kingyō) is a breed of wakin-like goldfish from Japan, also known as the peacock tail goldfish.


The jikin has the body shape of a Wakin or Ryukin but with a compressed, wide-angled tail that looks like the letter X when viewed from behind.

Jikin also have a rokurin pattern of twelve red dots:

  • Lips
  • Tails (2)
  • Dorsal fin
  • Pelvic fins (pair)
  • Pectoral fins (pair)
  • Anal fins (pair)
  • Gill covers, or operculum (pair)
  • Aside from the red dots, the body is white.
  • Jikin may also be called ‘rokurin.’


Jikin are rarely found outside Japan and are expensive like Wakin.


The jikin had been bred from the wakin during the Muromachi era. The tail became spread apart, while the body became somewhat shorter. There was an old inscription regarding to create the pattern of this goldfish (by adding plum oil, or certainly removing the scales with a small spatula), now regards as the points of red.

Jikin is rarely crossbred. Jikin breeds are:

  • The Kumanomi goldfishKumanomi kingyo), also called the anemone fish goldfish, is an exquisite breed of goldfish only located in Japan. Its origins are less known due to its circumstances being unrecognized, but it is assumed to be a cross with a Bristol Shubunkin and the Jikin. The name suggests the red body with white perpendicular stripes creates an anemone-looking kind of fashion.
  • The Tokai Nishiki is a rare breed, bred by crossing a jikin with a choubi (butterfly telescope). The result is a long flowing body with long broad fins, and either an X-shaped or butterfly-shaped tail.