Japanese Ryukin

The ryukin goldfish from the Ryukyu Islands is a popular goldfish bred in Japan. It looks similar to the fantail goldfish but stands apart with a prominent hump towards the back of its head which elevates the dorsal fin. The long caudal tail fins can have three or four lobes, with the three lobed ryukin having what the Japanese call a ‘cherry blossom petal tail.’ There are several goldfish types of ryukin, the yamagata kingyo, sabao, and tamasaba that have been bred to only have a single caudal tail fin.Ryukin goldfish come in a variety of color combinations, including: solid colors (self-colored) and multiple colors (variegated) of a deep red, red and white, blue, white, calico and more.A hardy variety of goldfish, the ryukin can be placed in your outdoor goldfish pond or introduced into a goldfish aquarium with other goldfish without any need for extra care. Good tank mates include the oranda, lionhead, or Ranchu Goldfish. Be careful that your bubble eye, and telescope goldfish breeds are not being bullied around by these tougher breeds.