Guide For Replacing Bike Cables and Housings

Guide For Replacing Bike Cables and Housings
Guide For Replacing Bike Cables and Housings

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Replacing Bike Cables

Do you feel the gears on your mountain bike are sluggish and slow? Do you find it difficult to shift gears on your bike? this video shows you how to replace the inner and outer shifter cables on your internally routed frame. This includes the tools required, how to measure and cut the new cable, and all the steps necessary to ensure a successful replacement. A clean and crisp shifting experience every time! 

Internal shift cable + housing replacement procedure 

  • Cut the cable from the derailleur end and leave it as long as possible.
  • Cut the cable ties and remove the cable housing from the bike. Consider your bike’s frame and track configuration. Remove the housing from inside the bike frame, leaving the cable itself. This will help thread the new case through the frame. On our sample bike, the cables are routed through the downtube.
  • Thread the old cable housing through the downtube and remove it.
  • Slide the new section of cable housing over the cable. Using the existing cable as a guide, continue threading the cable housing through the frame until it exits the other end.
  • You can remove the old cable from the new housing by pulling on the excess cable housing so it doesn’t slide inside the frame. Remove the old cable housing from the shifter.
  • Install the new cable housing onto the shifter.
  • Place the ferrule on the end of the cable housing and thread the new cable through the cable housing and frame.
  • Connect the cable to the rear derailleur.
  • Make sure the cable housing is securely fastened to the frame with cable ties. Cut the excess cable, leaving about 1.5 inches.
  • Use pliers to clamp the cable tip to the end of the cable to prevent fraying.
    Voila! It is now equipped with new cables and housing. Keep shredding!


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