Halfbeak Dermogenys pusilla

Halfbeak dermongenys

The Halfbeak is an unusual surface dwelling fish with an obvious ‘beak’ like mouth appendage. The fish is timid at first and prone to damaging its mouth during quick flights when startled. Once settled in a tank the fish is more confident and lively. Surface floating plants should be provided as cover. The fish will benefit from a little salt added to the water, and can also be kept in brackish water. Keep with other peaceful fishes

Halfbeak Facts

Behaviour : Timid, peaceful, males may fight 
Typical size : 6cm 
Max size : 7cm 
Tank Area : Top 
Min Tank Size : 75cm 
Temp Min : 22℃ Max: : 28℃ 
Feeding : Flakes, dried, frozen, live foods. Varied diet is important 
pH Range : 6-8.5 
Hardness : vs,s,m,h,vh

Family Hemiramphidae (Halfbeaks) | Synonyms Dermogenys pusillus, D. siamensis, D. burmanicus, Hemirhamphus fluviatilis | Other names Freshwater Halfbeak, Needle Gar, Wrestling Halfbeak | Origin Asia; India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia | Breeding Live bearer | Natural Water Conditions pH 7-8, medium to hard, freshwater & brackish | Natural Habitat Fresh and brackish waters; vegetated areas | Sexing Males are smaller, have a red dorsal patch, and modified anal fin.


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