Green Pufferfish (Tetraodon nigroviridis)

Green pufferfish

When young the Green Puffer can be kept with others of its kind but as the fish ages it will become intolerant of other puffers and likely to attack them. Like many puffers, they are liable to take bites out of other fish on occasion, although this usually occurs in confusion whilst feeding rather than deliberate attacks. The Green Puffer can be kept with other fish in a community, but its tankmates should be of a similar size and a robust nature such as larger barbs, or peaceful cichlids. Some salt should be added to the aquarium water. Not a beginners fish.

This fish is excluded from the Compatibility Checker as it is unsuitable for community aquariums or may require expert care.

Green Pufferfish Facts

Behaviour : Active, aggressive 
Typical size : 14cm 
Max size : 15cm 
Tank Area : All 
Min Tank Size : 75cm 
Max Number : 1 
Temp Min : 24℃ Max : 28℃ 
Feeding : Pellets, dried foods, meaty foods; cockles, mussels, snails 
pH Range : 7-8.5 
Hardness : m,h,vh

Family Tetraodontidae (Pufferfishes) | Synonyms Tetrodon nigroviridis, Tetraodon fluviatilis, T. potamophilus, T. simulans, Arothron simulans, Chelonodon nigroviridis | Other names Spotted Green Pufferfish, Spotted Puffer | Origin Asia; India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia | Breeding Substrate spawners, male will guard the young | Natural Water Conditions pH 8, medium to hard | Natural Habitat Fresh and Brackish water; streams, rivers, and floodplains

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