Category: 45+ Goldfish Varieties and Variations

45+ Varieties and Variations of Goldfish

If you want to know how to identify what type of goldfish you have, you need to look at its features. Here are some unique features that make identifying your goldfish simple. There are hundreds of types of goldfish, many that have been cross bred which take on a mix of different features.

Some of the most common varieties are below


The Pearlscale Goldfish

The Pearlscale (or Chinshurin in Japanese) is a spherical-bodied fancy goldfish with doubled finnage similar to the fantail. The characteristic feature of the Pearlscale is its thick, domed scales with pearl-like appearance.Its body is round and similar to a golf ball. The...


Calico Goldfish

Calico goldfish are goldfish of any breed that have a type of scale that is intermediate between the metallic type of scales and the transparent type. hese scales have a slight sheen that produces a pearly appearance....

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