E-Bike Batteries, Riding Distance and Motors

Manufacturers pay close attention to every bike’s drivetrain. The design trade-off is between performance and range. A more powerful engine provides more speed for keeping up with traffic and more torque for climbing hills and carrying loads. The more powerful the motor, the faster the battery will drain and the shorter the cruising range.

Comparing the electric bikes of the future, we can see that they have different specifications.
For example, 20-100 miles with pedal assistance. That’s because so many variables affect the range.

Of course, a high-capacity battery has the following advantages:
Capacity is expressed in Watt-hours (Wh). H. The number of hours the battery can withstand 1 watt of power before being empty. Therefore, it also depends on the engine power.
A 500w motor combined with a 500wh battery (a typical class 3 bike setup) consumes more energy than a 250w motor combined with a 500wh battery (a typical class 1 bike setup).

An interesting online tool that shows the interaction of various factors that affect range is the Bosch e-bike Range Assistant. Where and how you drive is also important. 

Battery charging time:
Most batteries take 3-5 hours to fully charge, but higher capacity batteries take longer. You can buy an extra charger (or carry one with you) if you want to commute by e-bike.

A number of batteries:
Some e-bikes allow a cyclist to use two batteries at the same time. This allows you to extend your rident mean gives you backup if the battery dies. You can buy a spare battery to always have a fully charged battery on hand, or you can replace it when the battery reaches its end of life (typically thousands of charges).
Battery assembly structure:
With the battery built into the frame, there’s room for a bottle holder or a small bike bag. However, external batteries are easier to charge and replace. 

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