Puntius everetti (clown barb)

Clown Barb (clown barb)

Clown Barb (clown barb)The clown barb is a typical medium sized barb with an active and peaceful nature. It is best kept in medium to large aquariums with plenty of open swimming spaces and hiding spots in wood, rocks or plants. Prefers slightly soft and acidic warmer water and is best mixed with other similar sized active fishes. May eat delicate plants so hardy plant species are recommended.

Family: Cyprinidae (Carps & Minnows)

Synonyms: Barbus everetti, Barbodes everetti

Other names: Everett’s barb

Breeding: Difficult to breed in an aquarium
Natural Habitat: Forest streams, clear flowing water, standing water
Sexing: Males are more slender and brightly coloured. Females are more rounded
Behaviour: Active & peaceful
Typical size: 12cm
Max size: 15cm
Tank Area: Middle, bottom
Min Tank Size: 90cm
Min Number: 5
Temp Min: 24℃ Max: 30℃
Feeding: Flake, frozen, vegetable matter, live foods
pH Range: 6-7.5
Hardness: s,m,h