Bicycle Lights To Suit Your Riding Style

Rear bike Light
Its very important for your safety to see and be seen

Lighting up, the day or night

If you live in the UK and ride your bike after dark, you are required by law to use white headlights with a minimum output of 4 candela (approximately 50 lumens) and red taillights.

Thanks to the latest LED technology, your bike light can go well beyond the 50 lumens you need. When purchasing lights, make sure they are suitable for the conditions in which you will be driving.

According to Dr. Tyrrell, the flashing tail lights make him much more noticeable at a distance of 200 meters than the static tail lights. Other studies agree that blinking lights are more effective at attracting attention.

If you need a strong, always-on headlight to show you the way on unlit roads, it’s worth considering an additional flashing light on the other side of the handlebar. Point your high power lights slightly downwards to avoid glare from oncoming traffic.

Note that it is dark even during the day, especially in winter when the sun is low. Fog and rain can also impair visibility. Flashing lights are more likely to be noticed by other road users. 

Choosing the lights for you