How To Care For Chocolate Oranda Goldfish

How To Care For Chocolate Oranda Gold Fish
How To Care For Chocolate Oranda Gold Fish

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The Chocolate Oranda is a goldfish that is dark reddish-brown in body color, similar to the Seibun, that had not previously been seen in Japan. It was brought from China to Japan in the late 1950s. It is not known how they came to exist.
Based on appearance alone, it is named ‘Chakin’ in Japanese which means ‘brown goldfish’ (it is named ‘Shikoutou (Purple high-head)’ in Chinese and ‘Chocolate Oranda’ in English).

Its dark reddish-brown body color is its unique feature. When it comes to body shape, there are two types of Chocolate Oranda: the Oranda type, which has a long body, and the Ryukin type, which has a round body.

Somewhat difficult. There is not much distribution so it is difficult to acquire.