Celestial Goldfish

This small and delicate fancy bred of goldfish has a unique feature that needs special care to ensure the goldfish’s health, making it not suitable for the beginner goldfish hobbyist. The eyes of the celestial goldfish are protruding and set to always face upwards. This feature means the celestial goldfish should not be in a tank with any decoration that can scrape or poke its eyes. The goldfish tank should not have a bright light since the celestial goldfish is always looking up while at rest. The celestial goldfish lacks a dorsal fin and when it swims it pushes its head downward to see straight ahead. This lifts its body and caudal fins upwards, making it a slow swimmer and not suitable for a tank with a water current. Tank mates should only include other celestial goldfish, bubble eyes, pompons or telescopes.

By: Tim Winter