Can Cycling Help With PMS?

Can Cycling Help With PMS
Can Cycling Help With PMS

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Helping With PMS

Cycling isn’t always the first thing on your list of things to do in the days before your period starts, but it can be a great way to ease symptoms.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms are caused by fluctuations in sex hormones – increased progesterone and decreased estrogen.
This affects brain chemicals such as serotonin, glutamate and GABA, leading to changes in mood and energy levels.

These symptoms are often accompanied by physical symptoms such as stomachache, headache or back pain.
“Moderate exercise in most women reduces PMS symptoms.

An easy one to two hour walk, preferably in good weather with some company, can do wonders for mild PMS symptoms.
However, now is not the time for high-intensity or interval training.

“Exercise may have similar benefits to antidepressants, this is because exercise can alleviate fatigue and may enhance mood through the release of endorphins.”

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Symptoms of PMS, but this anecdotal evidence suggests that it will occur when combined with a healthy lifestyle: not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, and eating a healthy diet.
Make a restaurant-quality salad with Italian dressing They explain why lighter workouts may be more appropriate these days: “The rise in progesterone [before your period] increases body temperature, therefore performance in hot conditions may be affected.

At the same time, a decrease in plasma volume, associated with a decrease in sweating, may lead to a decrease in exercise capacity under such conditions.
Increasing fluid intake with electrolyte replacement drinks can help overcome the negative effects of these changes.
They added: “Changes in fluid status and temperature regulation may create additional physiological stress.
So keep a training diary, plan for extra recovery if you plan to train intensively, and respond early to signs of fatigue by resting.

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It’s important to eat well and look after yourself – Dr Tamsin Lewis advises: “Don’t restrict carbohydrates, as increased demand and restriction will reduce levels of serotonin, the happy, mood-boosting hormone and pain perception gets worse.
» She added: “I’m not saying go for the nearest chocolate bar but go for slower-releasing carbs and those rich in B vitamins: sweet potatoes, quality honey, homemade granola.

Can Cycling Help With  PMS?

At CuroSeven, Dr.Lewis works with athletes to help them achieve peak performance.
When working with women, she measures hormone levels through blood and saliva tests to help inform their approach to nutrition and exercise.
Interfering symptoms occur most months.
I would ask your doctor to test for hormones.

Unfortunately, most conventional doctors still tend to give people medication to control symptoms, but there are better ways to intervene, intervention through diet and lifestyle.
Approaches should be tailored to each athlete, but she adds: “Know your vitamin D levels and consider taking an omega 3 or EPA-rich fatty acid supplement – ​like evening primrose oil – choose foods that are rich in B.

 As Dr Lewis has explained – if symptoms are persistent and life-interfering, seek medical help. 

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