Bubble Eye Goldfish

The bubble eye goldfish has a similar body shape, fins, and upward pointing eyes as the celestial does, but it also has two fluid filled pouch of skin on its cheeks. A high-quality specimen will have two equally developed pouches that sit right below its eyes. As a bubble eye goldfish swims and changes direction, its pouches will bounce around and play catch up to the last move. The colors a bubble eye goldfish comes in are metallic self-colored, variegated or calico.The thin skin that makes up a pouch is delicate and requires special care to ensure it is not damaged. Considerable thought should be put into what types of substrate, aquarium decorations, aquarium filters, lights and tank mates the bubble eye goldfish’s tank is filled with. With the presence of these pouches, upward pointing eyes and along with the lack of a dorsal fin, makes the bubble eye goldfish a slow swimmer with poor eye sight. Avoid any aquarium decoration or substrate that contains sharp edges. Place any air bubblers in a corner and out of the way of where the bubble eye goldfish swims. Choose a filter that doesn’t have a strong intake or one that creates a strong current. Buy low wattage aquarium lights. Only place a bubble eye goldfish in with other poor seeing and slow swimming goldfish breeds like the celestial, pompon, ranchu or telescope.

By: Tim Winter

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