How To Take Care Of Bubble Eye Goldfish

How To Take Care Of Bubble Eye Goldfish
How To Take Care Of Bubble Eye Goldfish

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Bubble eye goldfish(with a dorsal fin) seen from the top

Bubble Eye is a fancy little goldfish with upward-facing eyes and two large fluid-filled sacs. This is a fish without a backbone: a good specimen will have a clean back and eye bubbles of the right color and size. Their bubbles are quite fragile, which is why fish should be kept separate from those with a lot of foam, as well as a sharp aquarium decoration. Although the bubble will regrow if punctured, the wound can leave the fish vulnerable to infection. Bubbles can put the fish at a disadvantage because it is not a good swimmer, sometimes the head seems low; Bubbles are famous for being sucked into the filter and straws of the aquarium. 


Bubble Eye usually has an even arched back and no dorsal fin. The large leather pouch attached to his eyes vibrated as he swam. Bubble eyes have metallic scales and resemble celestial eye goldfish. Bubble Eye goldfish are normal in juveniles, but will begin to develop puffiness three months after hatching. Like the Ranchu, the Bubble Eye Goldfish has no dorsal fin and has a double tail. They usually reach 3 to 4 inches in length. If any of their “bubbles” burst due to pressure or impact with a sharp object, there is a risk of infection on the exposed interior of the bag. 


Bubble Eye’s predecessor, called the Toadhead or hama-tou, had upturned eyes and very small bladder-like sacs. Through selective breeding, bubble eyes now have longer or rounder bodies and a wide choice of dull, metallic, or pearly scales. The recent development of the bubble eye has four eye bags instead of the usual two. Desired colors of these fish include red, tricolor, orange, red and white, as well as the rare black. 


Because eye bags are fragile, enthusiasts should ensure that their bubble eyes are kept in an aquarium free of sharp objects. However, due to visual impairment, fish should be kept with other Bubble Eyes, Black Moors, Demekins and Sky Goldfish species to ensure fair competition for food