Broadtail Moor Goldfish

The broadtail moor goldfish or more popularly known as the black moor, should be entirely black (self-colored) throughout the body and fins. However, more often than not it contains shades of brown or silver. The color of a show quality black moor is a flat sooty color.The black moor closely resembles the veiltail goldfish. The single dorsal fin should be high on the black moors back; all other fins should be paired. The paired and flowing caudal fin should be fully divided with rounded tips and have an absence of a forked appearance.It differs from the veiltail goldfish types in that the black moor has protruding eyes that resemble the telescope goldfish. A show quality black moor will have its eye placed on the extreme tips of its protuberances. It’s this style of eye that gives the black moor poor vision and is the reason you should avoid placing them into an aquarium with the more agile breeds of goldfish; they will out compete the slower eating black moor goldfish.

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