Black Ghost Knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons)

Black ghost knifefish

This stunning fish is a wonder the first time it is seen, and many aquarists have mistakenly bought the fish on impulse, not realising it can grow up to 50cm (normally 30-40 in aquaria) In most cases the fish is peaceful and somewhat shy, although specimens will become very trusting with their owners. Aggression may occur between individuals so they are best kept singly. Tankmates should be large, peaceful, and not overly active. In common with other ghost knifefish, water quality must be kept in top condition with good filtration, and the aquarium should have plenty of hiding spots. May be sensitive to some chemicals or treatments. The Black Ghost Knifefish is a great display fish for large aquariums.

This fish is excluded from the Compatibility Checker as it is unsuitable for community aquariums or may require expert care.

Black Ghost Knifefish Facts

Typical size : 30cm 
Max size : 50cm 
Tank Area : Middle, all 
Min Tank Size : 120cm 
Temp Min : 23℃ Max : 28℃ 
Feeding : Meaty, sinking, live, frozen foods, May take dried foods 
pH Range : 5.5-8.5 
Hardness : vs,s,m,h,vh

Family Apteronotidae (Ghost knifefishes) | Synonyms Gymnotus albifrons, Sternarchus albifrons, S. lacepedii, S. maximilliani, Apteronotus passan | Other names Apteronotid Eel, Black Ghost | Origin South America; Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, Guyana | Natural Water Conditions pH 6-8, very soft to hard | Natural Habitat Fast flowing waters, normally with sandy substrates.

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