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The Best State For Mountain Biking.

New research shows Vermont is the best state for mountain bike trails and clubs. The study by cycling experts analyzed all 50 states looking at several mountain bike factors to determine the best state. The study looked at the number of trails, the proportion of mountainous terrain, the number of national parks, the state’s bikeability score and the number of top destinations by state.

mountain bike trails and clubs
Madbush Falls Vermont

Research shows that Vermont ranks first among the best states for mountain biking. Known as the “Green Mountain” State, Vermont has a total of 2,520 bike paths, equivalent to 402 trails per 100,000 people, the most of any state, and 80% of the state is rolling terrain. rise, second only to West Virginia at 88%. Utah is the second best state for mountain biking with a total of 6,036 trails, which equates to 199 trails per 100,000 residents. Five national parks, a bike rating of 66 and 65% mountainous terrain put Utah firmly in second place.

Colorado ranks third among the best states for mountain biking, with 6,980 trails. There are 123 trails per 100,000 people, lots of mountainous terrain (66%), and 4 national parks. With a score of 70, Colorado has one of the highest scores for bikeability, a rating from the League of American Bicyclists that includes factors such as safety, infrastructure and cycling policies . Massachusetts and Montana are also among the top five states for mountain bike trails and clubs ranking fourth and fifth, respectively.

At the other end of the scale is Nebraska, which is the state with the worst mountain biking, with only 12 trails per 100,000 people. Although its terrain is 64% mountainous, it has the lowest bikeability score of any state (27) and has no national parks.

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