Tunys fitness centre tropical fish room and cafe Chiang Rai

Work Underway still a long way to go

The cafe bar acting at the centre of Tropical fish cafe is a fine accompaniment to the fitness centre and swimming pool. After your workout or time spent at you can relax by the swimming pool enjoying a coffee and having a bite to eat.

If you have come to look round the fish shop or just fancy a coffee that’s great we would love to see you.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_3284-e1559319764265-225x300.jpg stopping work on the fitness centre to focus on the cafe, the idea was to beat the rainy season it’s sods law we have had very little rain and the farmers are having a problem.

So after all that rush no need but we got the first fix done and the garden plant and the pond dug.

And now onto the fitness centre.

We have now to pick up the ball again but it

tunys fitness centre under construction
Fitness centre

be fun now we are onto the second fixing were changes happen quickly, famous last words. And i forgot to mention the fish room which is always lurking in the background

The fish room
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