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Tunys fitness centre boutique hotel and cafe bar

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FREE DELIVERY – within 5 klm with 350 TMB min spend Tel orders – 0930077751 – last 8.30pm

integrate a daily workout into your lifestyle.

Whether novice or pro, young or old, there should be no obstacles to getting fit.

Tunys fitness centre has cutting-edge equipment, so you maximise every single workout. We offer low-cost, flexi-contracts and studio memberships, so you achieve maximum fitness.
And it’s why Tuny’s is open 7 days a week from 8 till 8, so your workouts work around you. We’re here for first-time gym-goers and fitness fanatics. We’re here for young and old, those who don’t think they have the time or money to get fit. We’re here for everyone.

Enquiries – 093 007 7751 we are English speaking if that helps.

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Fitness centre - membership,contracts and fees


1 day   70 TBH
3 month   1700 TBH
6 month   3200 TBH
1 year   5200 .  TBH

Family and Friends xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Packages xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Using the swimming pool and sauna
Accommodation - overnight stays or relaxing weekends
About us

Tropical fish cafe at the moment is going through a major refit program,which includes a swimming pool cafe bar restaurant with 5 room guest accomodation. At the same time our fitness club and the gardens are having their own makeover the aim is to finish by late spring, ready for the summer.

A quick guide

What are the opening times?

We open even on public holidays and during severe weather conditions. We do, however, have on the odd occasion electrical problems in the village,during this time we carry on as normal. But do ask our visitors and members to improvise if possible.

What are the changing rooms and showers like?

Our modern changing rooms and showers are just as we like them at home – spotless. We ask members to bring their own towel gel shampoo etc,We provide shower gel, shampoo and hair dryers. If you are a day visitor we do provide shampoos,gels etc,Please bring your own towel as we generally do not provide towel service but please check with the reception to see if a towel rental service can be made available.

Do you have lockers?

Yes we do but they are only allowed to be used during your workout and not left overnight. Please bring your own lock as management do not take responsibility for items left in lockers or anywhere else in the studio

Are there personal trainers in the studios?

At this moment in time we ask that customers don’t bring their own personal trainers into the gym.

Is the studio secure? Can I train safely

Absolutely. We take security very seriously your safety is paramount to us  .We have CCTV in gym.

Tunys is a great place to come and get fit,after your workout have a drink a bite to eat and relax around the pool.

We have decided with much agonising to utilise some redundant space for the addition of guest bedrooms around six in all,this will be the final change.
It was a good decision to halt the building project and concentrate on the garden, if not the opening day it would have been in a mess.It was a good decision to halt the building project and concentrate on the garden, if not the opening day it would have been in a mess.

A quick look around Tunys fitness centre and cafe

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