Category: Catfish

Though they may not sound exciting, catfish are incredible survivors as a breed of fish. They’re able to live and even thrive in temperatures from just above freezing to nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit and can be found living inland and in the coastal waters of every continent minus Antarctica. Learn more interesting facts about catfish, including how to incorporate them into your aquarium. more

Bandit cory

The pretty little Bandit Cory is a scaleless fish, and peaceful addition to a community tank. They are very social, and do best in groups of at least three; lonely Bandit Cory fish often pine...

Hypancistrus contradens

Author: Ruben Lugo Although I have always enjoyed keeping all types of fishes, from a young age I’ve always had a soft spot for catfishes. From Corydoras to Synodontis, I have always kept some type of catfish. In...

Nemachilus scaturigina

Scientific name Shistura scaturigina(McClelland, 1839) Common name Victory Loach Synonyms Cobitis scaturigina, Nemachilus scaturigina, Cobitis subfusca, Nemachilus subfuscus, Nemacheilus scaturigina, Noemacheilus scaturigina, Schistura zonata, Nemacheilus zonatus, Noemacheilus zonatus, Nemachilus zonatus, Nemachilus mugah, Nemacheilus mugah,...

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